Transitional Benefits

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Social Security Disability Claim — Social Security Disability Southfield, MI

When a Disabled Child Turns 18

If you have a disabled child who is turning 18 and has been receiving Supplemental Security Income benefits, you and your child are facing an important transition period. When a disabled child turns 18, they no longer qualify for Supplemental Security Income benefits under the same requirements as a child underage 18. Because of this change in eligibility requirements, the disabled child will need to be re-evaluated by the Social Security Administration to determine whether or not they will continue to qualify for benefits.

Transitioning from SSI for Children to SSI for Adults

During the year after your 18th birthday, if you were receiving Supplemental Security Income benefits as a child, the Social Security Administration will review your medical condition and your income. If your medical condition falls under the administration’s definition of a disability for an adult and your income falls within the prescribed limits, you will continue to receive benefits as an adult. If your condition does not qualify as a disability for an adult, if it has improved to the point where you can perform substantial work, or if you have an income over the set limit, you may lose your benefits.

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